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Free Directory Listings Are Aways Available

There is a choice of 3 status types giving you the option of selecting the best for your particular listing, your goals and the target market.

All listing are accepted as a 5 Star Gold Status for an intitial period of 180 days. You can then retain the listing as Gold 5 Star or allow it to automatically become a bronze listing. Bronze listings are totally FREE and have no status expiry date for long as wish to retain them.

You can submitt your listing FREE and stay as long as you wish FREE. You are welcome to join the network NOW.

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The benefits of a Combo Network GOLD 5 STAR Listing.

More people use recommended GOLD 5 STAR listings than any other type of listing. (90%+)

GOLD STAR has a live link to your most popular SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS bringing even more visitors to your website.

It is about giving people choice.

GOLD STAR Listings have a higher level of expectation and trust. Included is space to display a thumb nail or logo. They may be checked by Combo Marketing or our agents for :-

a) Accuracy of address and phone numbers.

b) Ligitimate or legal entity registration when appropriate.

c) A standard of disclosure and practice expected that will give confidence to any person(s) looking for a product or service from a GOLD 5 STAR supplier.

d) A varifiable physical address from which the Business or Organisation operates. Not just a postal address, Box number or intermediate address.

It’s about people having  confidence when trading, purchasing or browsing for information online.

Have a  GOLD STAR listing and you get your OWN LOGO SPACE FREE. Unlike the SILVER STAR listings where there is no logo space provided.

GOLD STAR listing has a direct link to your website from the COMBO CONTACTS BOOK, bringing you even more exposure. It displays the person or department to ask for or address when using the Contacts Listing Book. 



A SILVER STAR listing has no provision to display your logo or a thumb nail picture. 

a) You can display a brief discription along with your listing.

b) The more you tell people about yourself and your enterprise, the more confident they will be in wanting to deal with you.

c) An email link is provided from your listing.

A link to Social Media is not prvided as in a Gold Star Listing

SILVER STAR listings do not have a direct website link from the CONTACTS BOOK.



We welcome BRONZE Listings. As a member you a part of a very comprehensive marketing network. BRONZE listings are always free and are not subject to renewal or status expiry notices

However over 90 per cent of all enquiries go to GOLD STAR listings and we strongly recommend maintaining your listing as GOLD 5 STAR Priority


REMEMBER: Please... Always keep your contact details up to date. Thank you.

Any questions, please CONTACT US HERE


All listings are added totally FREE of any charges. They are added as a 5 STAR GOLD status. This will allow you to upload as much information as possible and a Logo or Thumb Nail photo relating to your enterprise. This Gold Status period is free for 180 days.  At the end of this period it will automatically change to a Bronze listing also totally FREE of any charges, unless you choose to retain your listing as either a Gold or Silver listing.

A Bronze listing has no expiry date and is always totally FREE.

The 5 Star Gold and 3 Star Silver listings can be retained as such annually for just a few cents per week should you choose to do so. Two reminders are sent prior to any status change to allow time to Logon to Combo Control and retain your priority choice. One reminder at 30 days and one reminder at 7 days prior to any Status change date. If you choose to do nothing your listing will automatically become a part of the Bronze status group.



The COMBO DIRECTORY NETWORK will work for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
You can add your listing or view a range of the best website deals right here.

The network of directories are user friendly allow you to focus on local, national, international or multi-lingual.

CHOOSE A COUNTRY From the menu above, browse or add your listing now.


Remember by listing you become a member of one of the largest and most trusted and popular COMBO DIRECTORY NETWORK for the promotion and marketing of your business or enterprise.

Listings are edited or added to the Combo Directory Network every day. Every listing is self submitted by the listing owner or their authorised agents or webmasters.  

The Combo Directory Network is continually expanding

In your...

a) Local Region, Nationwide, and International

b) And into more Countries.

c) The listings are entirely self submitted and self managed

e) We do not add listings.

f) We do not purchase or import email databases.

g) We do not spam and have a strong antispam policy.

h) We do email a regular newsnote on the latest marketing and internet trends (about once a month) along with our latest offers available to those who choose to receive them.

i) You can OPT IN  or  OPT OUT anytime.

All opt out COMBO DIRECTORY NETWORK users are required to receive one News Note approximately every 12 to 18 months as part of our "Keep your listing up to date" policy. This is to ensure contact details are monitored and kept up to date. Simply Opt Out after checking your details if you wish. When we send these occasional required emails all listings with an invalid email address are removed.


Used by ...  More People,    More Often,    Every  Day

so do not forget to tell your friends!


COMBO MARKETING LTD gives no guarantee or warranty as to the standard, condition or suitability of any product or service provided by any supplier listed on the COMBO DIRECTORY NETWORK.

It is the responsibility of any user of a product or service from a Listed Supplier, to ascertain the suitability of any product or service for its intended use.

It is the responsibility of a Supplier of any product or service to accurately describe the intended use or action of any such product or service. No false or inaccurate claims shall be made.

Every listed supplier undertakes to indemnify COMBO MARKETING LIMITED from any claims whatsoever from any matters arising from the aforegoing terms and conditions. 

Any Supplier shall indemify and pay in full any costs incurred by COMBO MARKETING LIMITED arising from any such claims.

The Combo Directory Network is a listing and advertising facility only and does not endorse any product or service promoted on the network.



Website Directory And online Business Search Directory.

PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE OR BUSINESS HERE!  Include your Social Network Pages!

An Online Business or Web Directory is your best choice for shopping, bookings or information. The COMBO DIRECTORY NETWORK is the most popular business and website promotion directory. 

It is structured to get you to the listing you need in just 3 easy clicks. Or search with location or postal/zip code. Here you have an extensive and comprehensive range of listings all added and managed by the listing owners. All categorised and indexed in an easy natural flow of information making it easy for visitors to find your business.

Navigation is a breeze. An unbeatable combo of speed and ease. Top GOLD STAR listings for almost any product or service. To add your listing you must have a valid email address, but you do not need to have a website.
Combo Marketing will not add, edit or manage your listing, but we will remove listings if requested to do so, or for terms violation.
As part of our strong ANTI SPAM policy you must add and manage your own listing.
We are here to offer full support and will assist when requested to do so.

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Not just "another directory". Get a GOLD 5 Star listing. These listings are always listed first and included in all product and service searches. You get a direct link to your website from the COMBO CONTACTS PHONE BOOK and much more. If you need it, this is where you can find it. And because the Combo Directory Network is becoming the most popular web network yet, it is most likely where people will find you.



 BE READY FOR THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY what has become the most popular free business directory and website promotion tool. And it keeps getting better. Create your own listing. Stay in control. It is quick and easy. You decide how you want your listing to rank and which key words to use. Your listing will be added FREE as a Gold 5 Star priority to allow you to upload your logo or thumbnail and as much detail as possible. It will allow you to include direct links to your Social Media and Contacts Listing Book right from your listing.


A LISTING WITH A LOGO is 5 times more likely to be browsed or visited than any other listing. It will give people more confidence and make a statement about your establishment and integrity. Edit, update and manage your listing anytime from anywhere. Simply select a suitable category, enter your details click "Add Your Listing" and go live now.


 If you are unable to find a suitable category to list under, please send us your request. Give us your feedback on every aspect of the directory. Our purpose for this directory is to make it the very best in quality and super user friendly. Your listing is important. Remember you can list free. We offer strong support and promotion to local community groups and "Not For Profit" organisation listings are always free. Browse the directory, then TELL US WHAT YOU THINK. If you need help or support our team is only an email away. 


ps. Bookmark this DIRECTORY NETWORK and do not forget to tell your friends.


It is so QUICK and EASY. Increase your exposure to the world wide web. An extensive range of options. Quality backlinks and SEO verified. No credit card required. Simply select your network country and action your FREE 5 STAR Gold promotion NOW.